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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Ever since the trailer came out, it have totally excite me for this movie because I was totally in love with Pitch Perfect (≧▽≦) It is one of the movie that I actually watch more than once. It is an honor for a person that don't really consider watching a same thing twice, like me. To further prove my excitement, I went to watch it on the first day of the premiere, May 15. It was a weekday, but the cinema was a full house.

I had to mention that it seems like this movie attract more girl fans than boys. But I did notice that, compared to the first movie, Pitch Perfect 2 is more on the Barden Bellas. There was a lack of appearence from my favorite group, Treblemakers. I mean I do like Barden Bellas but I can count with one hand the amount of times Jesse appear on the screen and he is supposedly Beca's boyfriend so hello..? Let me enjoy his handsomeness a bit more. Besides that, I find it interesting how the push-and-pull relationship between Fat Amy and Bumper continued in this movie. That is one sweet pair.

I didn't really enjoy it compared to the first movie because in my opinion, this one was more on the serious sides of the girls and that is good. It showed that they have matured for these past years but how do I say it? The humor and fun was lacking? And when they are performing, it didn't sound like it was 100% acapella, or I am wrong since a few groups that appeared in this movie was actual and existing acapella groups. But maybe they add a few things a little bit to make it more exciting for the audiences of the movie? I don't know. I was actually scared whenever Das Sound Machine is performing because their concept was always like robotics, thick eyeliners and hardcore dances. Especially the tall heights compared to Barden Bellas, that would totally intimidate people. But they are good, no lie.

I won't say much about this movie especially if you watched the first movie so you would totally know what to expect and because it is an awesome movie where you have to watch it with your own eyes and listen to with your own ears. Oh, I am so grateful they came up with an original song from the movie. Now I have a song that would remind me the awesomeness of Pitch Perfect ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

My rating: ★★★★

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