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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Movie Review: Helios / 赤道

My friend and I didn't plan to watch any specific movie this one time. We decided to just go with our luck and we ended up only with a few choices which are (as far as I remember) Age of Ultron, which I already watched and few horror movies. Let me state here I don't favor horror movies, especially when watching in public because I have no idea what would happen to those who sit beside me. Guess I just have a lot of fears. So, ended up we chose this Hong Kong movie called Helios because to me, a 18+ rated action thriller movie is much better than horror.

I am a huge fan of Korean dramas so I know a lot of Korean actors. Coincidentally, this movie was actually a collab between Hong Kong and South Korea so I saw three very familiar faces and that just add up another point to like this movie.

Honestly, the progress of the movie was quite confusing (especially when they throw politics in) but from what I am able to grasp, a very dangerous nuclear weapon had gone missing from South Korea and it was said to be in Hong Kong, so they send their team to retrieve back the weapon. But since it is a deadly weapon we are talking about, the process to get back the weapon from the villains was hard enough and when they did, the Minister didn't easily allow the South Korea team to leave with the weapon or so. So, in short, the movie was about the whole process. They did have a twist in the end which I'm not going to mention here but that just made the movie more interesting. Unfortunately, the movie does not end there. The last scene definitely just show that there are going to be a sequel and this time, it will be with Japan.

Since it is a movie which we didn't really plan to watch, I didn't have a high expectation but we ended up being really satisfied and can't stop talking about it on the way home. I would recommend it to you if you guys are a fan of Hong Kong thriller movies or just simply an E.L.F because Choi Siwon was in the movie ( ̄ー ̄)

My rating: ★★★

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