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Friday, April 24, 2015

Movie Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

As far as I remembered, the last Avengers movie ended on such a happy note with the heros part ways and go on with their life. The suddenly this movie started off with a war, was I not surprised. But then, Avengers was about neverending wars, the evils keep coming one after another.

The thing that keeps me being loyal to Avengers movies besides the usual awesome action scenes is the humor. I love how they always managed to slip in several funny parts despite the seriousness. I find that interesting because a too heavy movie could keep the peoples away because a movie was supposed to be, besides sending a message, in my opinion, a stress-reliever. Because that what people say, when they are stressed, they want to watch a movie and in my opinion, Avengers succeed in that part. Eventhough it is categorized as an action film, I actually enjoyed and had fun watching it.

Back to the movie, it is not the first time where a crisis happened to the teamwork within the Avengers but I am actually quite frustrated with Iron Man in this movie. I mean, could a man ever be this stubborn? (ーー;) I am no scientist nor a genius but really, is he for real think that robots could keep peace in this humankind world? But then, it just shows that Avengers are, after all, humans (except for Thor, that is) where they are not perfect. And the fact that Hawkeye have such a perfect family in secret all this time. I am just glad that Captain America always balance out everything at the end. Oh, and the new Avengers! Totally digging the twins since they appeared eventhough too bad one of them didn't last that long.

My rating: ★★★★

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