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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar

I went to Sunway Pyramid with my friends last Friday and we took quite a time to decide which movie to watch (?・・) Among the choices was Ouija (I hate horror movies), Big Hero 6 (they don't want to watch an animation), Fury (a war movie.. something like my mom would like) so we ended up buying tickets for Interstellar, especially after hearing that this movie got a 9/10 rating according to IMDb.

In short, the movie was about the humans are searching for another habitable planet to replace Earth. The hero is the only one who have the skills to drive a spaceship so he had to choose whether to stay with his kids or to save the human race. I won't say much about the movie because then it would be a spoiler (>.<) but instead, two things that I noticed about this movie.

First of all, this movie used too much physics terms that even me, who was a pure science major in school had a hard time understanding (>o<;;) When the astronauts was talking to each other about the problems they are facing, I could only frown and goes "What the heck they are talking about?" So yeah, there are parts of the movie where normal people could not understand (or I was the one who is ignorance)  |_・)

Second, the significant of the hero's son character. The movie is mainly focusing on his younger daughter because his daughter turned out to be a genius just like him while the son is...well, show a great potential to be a farmer. He just appeared at the start of movie, before Cooper went to the space. The middle, where Murph visited him at their old house and that's the end. There was also no ending to his character. "That's it? That's the end? What happened to the brother?" Come on, just because he was not as smart as Murph, it's not okay for you to discriminate him and I address this to the writer of the movie  (¬_¬)

But overall, I have to say this movie is one of the best movie I have watched and I did enjoy every minute of it! You cannot miss any moment or you won't understand the story, so make sure you have high focus before entering the cinema  (*^▽^*)

My rating: ★★★★